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It’s Your Choice. What will you choose?

Posted on August 27th, 2015

Choosing Your Fence

Fences are beautiful, while giving you privacy around your home, yard or business. When you look for the right kind of fence, you should consider your surroundings and your house, and then think about the kind of material you’d like to use. As fence contractors, we’d like to help you with a few tips so you can choose the best fence for your property.

Should I Choose Wood or Vinyl?

The most common type of fencing materials are wood and vinyl. When you think about what you want from a fence, it will help lead you to the right decision about the composition.

Wood. The classic, rustic style of wood remains a favorite for anyone who is trying to create an old-time look or who loves the visual theme of wood surrounding the home. Most people prefer to stain their wood fencing with a color that follows the traditional theme of their house but still allows the natural beauty of wood to shine through.

In order to last through harsh Pittsburgh winters and our humid summers, you should choose treated wood that can be stained to provide extra protection.

Vinyl. Vinyl fencing comes in many different colors, which is why it’s a popular choice to complement the exterior of a house. It’s a good material to have if you live in a wet climate or near a pool or other body of water, and the maintenance factor is low since it doesn’t need to be stained like wood does and can easily be cleaned.

Vinyl usually costs more than wood because it’s made from materials that don’t collect mildew, mold, or rot. It also comes in different styles and sizes, and can be tightly or broadly spaced, serving not only as a privacy fence but as a safety fence too.

Fence Maintenance Service can help you decide between wood and vinyl privacy fencing around your home and property. We’re the fence installation Pittsburgh experts, and we love to help home owners choose the best materials for their home. Call us today to learn more.