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Wooden Fence Maintenance

Posted on October 13th, 2016

Fence Maintenance

Every fence needs some sort of maintenance, even if only a minor cleaning and checkup. Wood fences, due to their organic material, require more maintenance than other materials. Issues such as warping, dry rot, insects, and general weathering can occur if a wooden fence is not properly maintained. The good news is, some simple maintenance tips can help to minimize or avoid these issues and extend the life and appearance of your wooden fence.

  1. Be sure that you add a protective coat. The ideal time to add a protective coat to your wooden fence is right after the installation. The sealer is designed to extend the life of the fence, and can consist of of a stain, paint, or protective sealing coat. Be sure that your sealing product is designed for outdoor use and is appropriate for wooden fences.
  2. Yearly checkup. Each fall and spring, walk the perimeter of your fence to check for areas of damage. Little repairs are easier to deal with when you catch them early, rather than wait for them to become major eyesores.
  3. Clean your fence. Wood fences can acquire mildew from moisture, particularly when Pittsburgh is having a lot of rain or snow. Clean any areas of mildew where they are visible to prevent mold and dry rot.
  4. Caulk between the fence and fence posts. Caulking helps to seal off the moisture, which can lead to the fence posts failing. Fixing this after the fact can prove to be a costly endeavor, and caulking regularly can help to keep your fence sturdy.
  5. Repaint or restain when necessary. If your wooden fence is painted or stained, you will need to reapply every few years to keep up the attractive appearance of your fence as well as providing a level of protection from the elements.

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