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Fence Maintenance Service also provides Commercial Fencing services.

Our commercial fence installation helps make the community look well maintained and safe. Keep people’s dogs safe while at the dog park. Protect kids from foul balls inside the dugouts at the ball field. Every kid remembers hitting their first home run over the fence in the outfield. And tennis courts are so much nicer when a surrounding fence keeps players from chasing down their tennis ball. These Pittsburgh commercial fencing options really improve a facility and help keep the areas secure. Have the option to lock up certain areas at night to keep them from being vandalized. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars or even be unrecoverable due to severe damage. Other options include:

Commercial Fence Installation Pittsburgh

Contact Fence by Maintenance Service today to learn more about our Commerical Fence installation and pricing for your facilities. Our professionals are happy to work with you to meet your needs and add safety, beauty, and value to your facility.