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Split Rail Fences

Split Rail Fences Pittsburgh

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Split Rail Fencingis a warm, yet beautiful alternative to a chain link fence. The charm and style of this fence compares nicely to our other fences, but a split rail fence is very economical in its price. It is considered a “no bother” fence, in that the grace of age will turn this fence into an attractive silver-gray color.

Fence By Maintenance Service offer two height options – 36 inches tall or 48 inches tall.

Sometimes, parts of split rail fencing will need to be replaced. Whether you need one piece, one section, or a whole new fence, Fence By Maintenance Service, Inc. is there to help!

You can also add a vinyl coated chain link wire to this type of fence to ensure safety for children and pets. A vinyl coated chain link addition also meets most pool enclosure codes. Split rail fencing also comes in maintenance-free vinyl fencing, providing years of beautiful appearance.

Split Rail Fence Examples:

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