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Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fence Company Pittsburgh

Fence Maintenance Service also provides Commercial Fencing services.

Our commercial fence installation helps make the community look well maintained and safe. Keep people’s dogs safe while at the dog park. Protect kids from foul balls inside the dugouts at the ball field. Every kid remembers hitting their first home run over the fence in the outfield. And tennis courts are so much nicer when a surrounding fence keeps players from chasing down their tennis ball. These Pittsburgh commercial fencing options really improve a facility and help keep the areas secure. Have the option to lock up certain areas at night to keep them from being vandalized. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars or even be unrecoverable due to severe damage. Other options include:

  • Ball Fields
  • Sports Fields
  • Dog Kennels
  • Tennis Courts
  • Parks and Monuments

Commercial Fence Installation Pittsburgh

Contact Fence by Maintenance Service today to learn more about our Commerical Fence installation and pricing for your facilities. Our professionals are happy to work with you to meet your needs and add safety, beauty, and value to your facility.

Ornamental Fence

Ornamental Aluminum Fence Pittsburgh

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Similar in appearance to wrought iron fence, ornamental, aluminum or steel fencing is the most popular and cost-effective alternative to wrought iron. Once our experienced installers have completed the job, customers are left with an attractive truly maintenance-free fence.

Fence By Maintenance Service offers ornamental fences in different heights, styles, and grades; residential, commercial and industrial grades. Ornamental fencing is available from 36″ to 96″ high, with many different post size and thickness options. Pickets range in size from 1/2″ to 1″ square. This fence comes standard in black or bronze; also many other custom colors are available upon request.

The aluminum construction will not rust and combined with an industry leading powder coated finish our aluminum ornamental fence is able to with stand intense moisture and chemical exposure making it ideal for swimming pools. Not only is it a great for around swimming pools the extremely durable powder coated finish is highly resistant to fading and peeling making it a perfect option for whatever your needs may be. Ornamental fences are prefect for front lawns, surrounding your swimming pool or to complete your entire yard.

With so many ornamental products on the market today making an informed decision is very important to your satisfaction. Not all fences are created the same, when comparing prices make sure to also compare product size, material thickness and product coating into your final decision. This will help to ensure your satisfaction because just like in any industry the bitterness of a poor product remains long after the sweetness of a cheaper price.

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Ornamental Fence Examples:

PVC Fencing

PVC Fence Pittsburgh Services

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PVC vinyl fencing is maintenance-free and comes in many styles. Let our professional installers install a timeless PVC Fence to meet the needs of most projects. PVC fence is available in three basic colors; white, tan and clay. It is also available in many custom colors. The styles of PVC fence available are private, semi-private, picket and post and rail. Railings are also available in PVC material.

All of our PVC product lines are of extremely high quality. Our main product line is American Made Vinyl Extrusions. We also use Bufftech and Country Estate product lines. Just remember, all vinyl is not created equal. Quality vinyl fencing provides you with at least three traits that separate it from other vinyl fence products.

Quality Vinyl Has:

  • Impact modifiers to provide impact resistance
  • Titanium dioxide to provide UV resistance and color retention
  • Adequate wall thickness to provide strength

For a quality vinyl fence guaranteed for life, you can rely on Fence By Maintenance Service to use the best product manufacturers and installers who specifically know how to work with PVC for quality installations

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PVC Vinyl Fencing Examples:

Vinyl Fence FAQ's

Are custom vinyl fence styles available?

In most cases, any fence style that Is available in wood or ornamental iron can also be made from vinyl. There are a large variety of vinyl fencing styles available, along with endlessly customizable designs.

Can my vinyl fence break?

If a vinyl fence experiences direct impact, such as a car hitting the fence line, it can break. Under normal conditions, your vinyl fence should not experience breakage as long as it has been installed properly. If your vinyl fence is broken, the pickets, planks, and rails can be replaced easily.

Does vinyl burn?

Vinyl fencing is considered self-extinguishing. With a flashpoint of around 900-degree, vinyl does not easily ignite.

How much maintenance does vinyl fencing require?

When it comes to vinyl fencing, you can expect to do very little maintenance. When used under normal conditions, you will likely need to annually wash the fence to keep it looking its best. Painting and staining are not needed.

What colors is vinyl available in?

Vinyl fencing is available in three basic colors: white, tan, and clay. Since titanium dioxide is a color loss and change inhibitor and is white, darker colored vinyl is hard to achieve. We can provide vinyl fencing in many custom colors.

What is the best way to clean my vinyl fence?

Your vinyl fence will become dirty as it is exposed to the elements. To properly clean your vinyl fence, you will want to use water and a mild detergent to clean away dirt and grime. If you have tougher stains, use soft scrub or baking soda for stubborn stains.

What is vinyl composed of?

Vinyl is made of the base ingredient rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) homopolymer compound. Vinyl also contains a high level of titanium dioxide pigment for long-lasting UV light resistance, as well as impact modifiers that provide the vinyl with strength and structural integrity.



Wood Fences

Wood Fences Pittsburgh

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Examples of Fence Styles:

Fence By Maintenance Service offers only quality pressure-treated or red cedar wood fencing products. Our qualified installers will custom build every wood fence on site to ensure the best looking and highest quality fence possible.

We also build custom panels in the shop for do-it-yourselfers made out of the same high-quality materials. The big chain stores use thinner wood and lesser grade materials for their preassembled panels guaranteed. We do not build panels ahead of time. Our panels are tailor-made to the customer’s needs. We pride ourselves in using wood fence material that is as fresh as possible.

We can build any picket fence from 3′ to 6′ high with 1″, 2″ or 3″ spacing between the pickets. We offer a variety of top styles; Dog-eared, Gothic, Cape Cod or Williamsburg. Other wood fences we can install are vertical board, which is considered a solid fence, and shadowbox, which is also known as board-on -board. These are available in any of the tops we offer. We can also put any style of top on a 4×4 post. We custom cut, top, and sort all of our own wood in our shop to provide high-quality premium wood.

We also offer 2 or 3 rail split rail fence. By special order 4 rail is available. Split rail fence comes in pressure treated wood or red cedar. A fence can be built over 6′ tall but must be special ordered.

We only use quality material. We do not sell chain store low-quality fences.

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Wood Fence Examples:

Split Rail Fences

Split Rail Fences Pittsburgh

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Split Rail Fencingis a warm, yet beautiful alternative to a chain link fence. The charm and style of this fence compares nicely to our other fences, but a split rail fence is very economical in its price. It is considered a “no bother” fence, in that the grace of age will turn this fence into an attractive silver-gray color.

Fence By Maintenance Service offer two height options – 36 inches tall or 48 inches tall.

Sometimes, parts of split rail fencing will need to be replaced. Whether you need one piece, one section, or a whole new fence, Fence By Maintenance Service, Inc. is there to help!

You can also add a vinyl coated chain link wire to this type of fence to ensure safety for children and pets. A vinyl coated chain link addition also meets most pool enclosure codes. Split rail fencing also comes in maintenance-free vinyl fencing, providing years of beautiful appearance.

Split Rail Fence Examples:

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Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fence Pittsburgh

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Chain link fencing is probably the most common fence. It can be from 36″ tall to 144″ tall. Chain link fence can be all galvanized material, all vinyl coated material or galvanized framework with vinyl wire. The framework made up of lengths of pipe basically comes in 3 grades; residential, commercial and industrial. The size of the pipe ranges from 1 3/8″ to 4″ in diameter. The wire mesh, also known as the fabric, can be galvanized, vinyl coated and aluminized. It can be many gauges from 11 gauge, the thinnest, through 6 gauge, the thickest. The most common wire mesh is 9 gauge. The three basic colors of vinyl coated wire mesh are black, brown and green. Wire mesh is also available in galvanized which is a silver color. The lower the gauge of wire, the stronger the product. We can help you choose the gauge of wire mesh and thickness of your posts and framework that best suits your needs. Just remember that when you compare prices, make sure you are comparing the same gauges for your wire and the size of your posts and framework. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will be happy to help with your fencing needs. Our professionals will help with your Pittsburgh chain link fencing installation.

At Fence By Maintenance Service, we install numerous types of gates, both residential and commercial properties. Some of the options of gates are electric gates with operators, swing gates, slide gates and vertical pivot gates. We also install manual or electric turnstiles.

Chain Link Fence Examples:

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Guide Rail Installation

Fence By Maintenance Service installs guide rails, which are fencing systems designed to keep people or vehicles from venturing into dangerous or off-limits areas. Two of the most popular options for guide rails (also referred to as guard rails) are timber and galvanized steel.

Guide Rail Installation for Various Applications

Guide rails are a critical part of highway and school zone safety and for creating a barrier for a variety of industrial structures. On highways, guide rails serve as a barrier against vehicle impact, and in school zones, they provide a barrier and protect vulnerable areas such as schoolyards, pedestrian walkways, and more. With our experienced team who is equipped with the right tools for the job, we can install your highway, school, or industrial guard rail in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

Types of Guide Rails and Their Applications

Guide rails are commonly made from variations of stainless steel due to their durability but can also be made from wood, depending on the application. There are a variety of guide rails that work well for several applications, including:

  • Curved
  • Bolt-on
  • Drop-in
  • W-beam

Three of the most common types of guard rails we install include:


These can be installed in single, double, or triple rails and are commonly used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.


This type of guard rail is commonly used as standard traffic and highway safety rails. These are made of high gauge steel, and feature zinc and weather-resistant coated components to prevent rust and corrosion.


This type of guide rails is designed with brackets that allow the post section to slide into and out of the structure easily. This is ideal for areas where the guardrail needs to be removed and reinstalled frequently.

Purpose for Guard Rail Installation 

One of the main purposes of a guard rail is to protect drivers who veer off of the road and prevent a more severe accident. The guard rail prevents the driver from hitting obstacles such as utility poles, hillsides, steep embankments, etc.

These obstacles are dangerous to collide with and could result in a major accident, making it safer to hit the guard rail. We use guard rails to make the roads safer for drivers and to help reduce the severity of accidents.

Additionally, we perform guard rail installation to ensure the safety of vulnerable areas where pedestrians are walking as well as to prevent damage to buildings, create work safety zones, and more.

Why Choose Fence By Maintenance?

As your top choice for local guide rail installation, Fence By Maintenance Service has a highly-trained team and the tools to get the job done right. Since 1857, we have provided our clients with quality guide rail and fence installation services in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.
We believe in providing our clients with fair, competitive pricing, a two-year workmanship warranty, and strive to use quality American-made products in our installation as much as possible. Our professional crew has the equipment and the skills to complete your project and work to ensure that the job has been done right before leaving your property.
Guide Rail Examples:

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Guide Rail FAQs

What purpose does a guide rail serve?

A guide rail serves to provide a safety barrier that is used to prevent a driver who has veered off the roadway from hitting objects beyond the guardrail.

What does a guardrail do?

The guardrail face functions to guide the vehicle back onto the road. The end terminal or the exposed end of the guardrail is outfitted to absorb energy. The impact head slides down the length of the guardrail, flattens, and redirects the guardrail away from the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop.

What types of guardrails are there?

There are three types of guardrails, including W-beams, standard highway, and traffic safety rails; Bolt-on, durable and inexpensive guardrails where rails are bolted onto the posts; Drop-in, feature brackets to slide the post onto the structure allowing for access to guardrail protected areas.

What are the common Guide Rail applications?

Guide rails are commonly used for applications such as protecting equipment from forklift damage and other industrial safety applications, preventing or minimizing accidents on roadways, protecting buildings from damage, protecting pedestrian walkways and providing barriers for transformer or workstation areas.
They can also be used for fencing for private installations, parking lot barriers, and work-zone safety installations, and more.

How long will a Guardrail last?

Guardrail life expectancies will vary. If the guardrail is hit often, it will likely need to be replaced sooner rather than later. The advantage of guardrails is that they are modular, meaning when one piece is damaged, you only need to replace that section, not the entire guardrail.

How can I tell if my Guardrail needs repaired?

A small dent or ding here and there will not affect how your guardrail performs. However, if your guardrail has bent posts or vertical tears, it is likely you will require repairs or replacement parts to ensure the guardrail is functioning at its best.



Fence By Maintenance Service install numerous types of gates, both residential and commercial properties. Some of the options of gates are electric gates with operators, swing gates, slide gates and vertical pivot gates. We also install manual or electric turnstiles.

Gate Examples:

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Privacy Fencing

Privacy Fence Pittsburgh

There are several reasons why having a fence installed, especially privacy fencing, is a good idea for any property and property owner. Privacy fence installation from Fence By Maintenance Service combines personal style with effective fencing services to create the most pleasing and beneficial fence system possible. We make sure that every privacy fence installation is done correctly and effectively every time.

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Benefits of a Privacy Fence

Privacy fencing, of course, yields privacy and a sense of coziness within a space, but there are multiple additional benefits as well. This type of fencing also enables the defining of property lines. Some neighbors may be particular about their own spaces, so defining the line between your space and theirs will help to prevent disputes and to keep neighbors neighborly—just be sure to have a gate that allows for the occasional friendly visit.

Privacy fencing also has a positive impact on the level of safety and security of the property it is defining has. When privacy fencing is installed, it creates an intimate space where kids, pets, and other guests can relax without worry. This privacy is for both you and your belongings since privacy fencing also makes it more difficult for burglars, wild animals, and other unanticipated visitors to trespass. Overall, the benefits to privacy fencing installations from us at Fence Maintenance Services are aesthetically pleasing and a cause for peace of mind.

Materials, Styles & Custom Designs

Privacy Fencing in PittsburghThere are many different types of materials to choose from when finding your own style and designing your privacy fence. From all vinyl or wood finishes to panels of stone or concrete, several materials can be used to customize the textures of your privacy fence.

No matter what your style or reason, at Fence Maintenance Services we skillfully install only high-quality privacy fencing that will meet all of your specific needs and desires. Contact Us today for more information on our fencing installations and other fence maintenance services, or to schedule a consultation now!

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