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Aluminum Vs Wrought Iron Fencing

Posted on October 18th, 2013

Aluminum Fencing Pittsburgh

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing – The Durable Alternative to Wrought Iron

Ready to improve the look and safety of your Wexford or Pittsburgh home by having fencing installed? The right fence can make your home a showcase, and one of the most beautiful styles of fencing has traditionally been wrought iron. However, wrought iron fencing is expensive and requires maintenance to keep it from rusting. An aluminum fence, on the other hand, can look exactly like wrought iron while offering the added benefits of easy fence installation, resistance to weather and chemicals and lifetime warranties.Many Fence Styles Available

Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of different heights and styles, and these attributes are some of the reasons they are the first choice for both home and business owners. It’s the perfect choice when ornamental fencing is what you are after.

Using aluminum fencing to decorate a property or set off a certain area makes financial sense. This is particularly true if you want to keep a certain area “off-limits” without installing a foreboding chain link fence or a wood fence that blocks views and can cut up the look of attractive and well designed landscaping.

One of the reasons an aluminum fence is less expensive than a wrought iron one is because it is much lighter. It costs less to ship and makes for an easier fence installation.

Just because it’s lighter, though, does not mean it is not strong enough to do the job. There are different grades of aluminum fencing with a variety of post sizes and thicknesses available. If you are looking for a beautiful and cost efficient security fence in the Pittsburgh or Wexford area, you simply can’t go wrong by installing aluminum fencing.

Where Are Fences Usually Installed?

Some of the most popular places to install aluminum fencing include:

  • Around swimming pools
  • On top of retaining walls
  • Encircling playgrounds
  • Along walkways

You can choose from different colors to match the existing home or building. You can also choose an aluminum fence with or without finials, which are the ornamental devices that are commonly placed atop each picket.

Added Advantages Of Aluminum Fencing

Besides weight and price, aluminum fencing has even more advantages including:

  • Can be installed on hilly terrain
  • Is not affected by soil chemistry
  • Does not need sanding or painting

Aluminum fencing comes in assembled fence panels. This makes it quick and easy to install.

Choosing The Right Fence

Now that you know a quality aluminum fence is right for you, how do you decide on what style is best? Choose a style that will complement your home and property. For instance, if your home has a modern architectural style, choosing a modern fence design makes sense. If your home or office building has a more classic colonial or cape look, choose a fence that has a more historical look.

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