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Best Fencing Types for Dogs

Posted on February 7th, 2018

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When considering installing a fence for the sole purpose of containing your pooch, there are several items to consider. Much of it will seem like common sense, though you may also learn something new. The different combinations of factors to consider include:

Unfortunately, a dog fence is not a one size fits all concept. Dogs will chew, jump, knock over, dig under, you name it, to a fence. No expert will be able to predict how your dog will handle a fence, but you might be able. At the very least, as you read on, you will be able to gather the positives (in relation to your canine friends) associated with popular fence choices for dog owners. The basic and most common fences a typical homeowner would choose include the standard 6’ privacy fence; split-rail with mesh; or chain link. Each fence comes with their own set of pros and cons that you will have to weigh against each other. All things being equal, choose the fence that provides the greatest protection for your pet, but also one that provides the least restrictions.

6’ privacy fence

Made from wood or vinyl, this fence provides ultimate security for your dog. Maybe if your dog drinks a gallon of Red Bull she can jump over this fence, otherwise, you can feel confident that if you release your dog into this area, she will remain; notwithstanding human error. A privacy fence is just that…a privacy fence. No one can see your dog and your dog will not see anyone. Good for the easily distracted dog but for a dog that just likes to people watch quietly, maybe not the best choice.

Split rail fence

A split rail fence is often praised for its looks but railed against its ability to protect a dog from escape or outside distractions. Its open framework is to blame, thus attaching a wire mesh on the inside is recommended, but should be mandated. Depending on your dog’s ambition, light mesh may be chewed and it is not uncommon for a dog to make the leap safely to the other side. Inexpensive, and with a little ingenuity, a split rail fence is a very good option.

Chain link fence

Perhaps the most common, and most effective, fencing for your dog is the chain link fence. Not far-fetched to say, the chain link fence is the least attractive and not cheap. Also, this fence is better installed professionally, while the other two choices can be done by the homeowner with just a little know-how.  Though a chain link fence does not provide much privacy, with patience you can weave slats through the links and voila.


No matter which option you choose to keep your pup safe, she will be grateful but every so eager to test its integrity. A dog fence is a wise investment for your family and, if done with thought, will help to beautify your landscape. You can contact Fence by Maintenance to install a fence perfect for your dog and home.