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Choosing a Fence to Last through Winter

Posted on September 28th, 2021

Wood Fence Installation

As a premier fence company in Pittsburgh, Fence by Maintenance Service knows how harsh the winters in our area can be. The winter season in Pennsylvania is rough on fencing with heavy snowfall, high winds, and driving rain. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right type of fence to withstand the winter season’s worse.

Our experts have put together the best tips for choosing a fence that will last against the elements.

Rails and Pickets vs. Privacy

As snowfall continuously and freezes at night, it can become very heavy. This heavy snow, pushed by the high winds, can accumulate its drifts against your fence. While picket fences and rail fences allow the snow to blow through the gaps rather than build up against the fence, privacy fences do not.

With a privacy fence, you will be required to shovel the drift away from the fence to prevent pressure on the fence. Therefore rail and picket fences are recommended in areas with heavy snow.

Wood Fences in the Winter

Wood is a popular option that provides clients with a traditional style. While wood fences are durable, you may need to have metal posts installed to help the wood fence through the harsh winter.

It is also important to keep in mind that to keep wood in great condition, you will need to perform a lot of maintenance. It is crucial to seal and treat your wooden fence annually to protect it against cold, snowy winters. If your fence is damaged over the winter, you may not see it until the spring thaw.

Vinyl Stands Against the Cold

Modern vinyl fencing is durable in cold weather and will not crack under pressure. While excess weight from snowdrifts can be a problem, it is best to choose a vinyl fence with rails or pickets. You can also opt for anti-impact inhibitors to strengthen the vinyl fence against the elements.

Metal Offers Durability

Metal is one of the most durable fence materials that can easily handle the weight of snowdrifts and extremely low temperatures. It is recommended that you choose a treated aluminum or iron since they will not absorb water. This means the metal won’t expand and contract when temperatures rise and fall.

Another benefit of metal fences with rails or pickets is that they will allow the snow to go through rather than form heavy drifts of snow against the fence. One major issue with a metal fence is when the fence is located along a roadway that is salted in the winter. Salt can corrode the metal and affect its structural integrity.

Proper Installation is Critical

When the snow gathers in a heavy drift against your fence, the posts are under the most pressure. As the earth freezes, expanding and contracting, your posts can become loose, eventually leading to them blowing over.
The best way to remedy this issue is to have the posts buried deep in the ground for more stability. At Fence by Maintenance, we can determine how far the frost goes in the soil, installing the posts a few feet below the frost. This ensures that your posts are strong and the overall structure of your fence is supported.

Fence Installation to Withstand the Pittsburgh Winter

At Fence by Maintenance Service, our expert team will work with you to choose the best fence style for your needs. As your top fence company in Pittsburgh, we have the tools, materials, and knowledge needed to install your fence and ensure that it lasts throughout the winter. Contact us today to learn more!