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Choosing The Right Style Aluminum Fence

Posted on April 19th, 2016

Aluminum Fencing Pittsburgh

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences are a way to add elegance to a property, while being considerably less expensive than steel or wright iron. Aluminum fencing is made of strong, lightweight material that is both durable and decorative, certain to enhance any property. Aluminum fences rarely need repainting and do not rust or tarnish.

When it comes to aluminum fencing, there are a number of styles and colors, so it is important to consider your personal taste as well as your needs. First consider the grade: different grades of aluminum are available for different needs, from pool grade to surround a pool or deck, to industrial grade, a heavier form of commercial grade aluminum fencing. The type of property that you have (residential or commercial) should be taken into account as well as what the fence is surrounding.

Decorative aluminum fencing is very popular, with a number of styles in two basic categories: flat top and spear top, or a combination of both. With a flat top, the fence’s top is flat, with the spaces between the pickets and rails spread out to offer a unique look and feel between the styles. The number of styles of spear top fencing are limited only to the imagination, and can be simple or elaborate in design. If the fence is being used primarily for industrial purposes, a more basic design might suit your needs, while an older historic property might go for a more decorative touch.

When choosing a color, you will want one that complements the look of your overall property. Whether you are matching the trim or the style of the surrounding building(s), you want your fence to look as if it belongs there naturally. Be sure to know your local township’s zoning ordinances, and whether there are any specific laws regarding the appearance of your fence.

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