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Cleaning Your Vinyl Fence

Posted on August 9th, 2014

Keeping Your Vinyl Fence Clean

Vinyl fences are a great option for individuals who prefer a low maintenance and an ornament type of fence. It is a more durable option than a wood fencing product. An impermeable product it tends to stay cleaner for longer periods. Over time your vinyl fence will endure the effects of the natural elements such as rain, snow, wind, dirt build up and grime. Have no fear! If you take just a little bit of time to clean your fence it can last for many years.

Fortunately, the process of cleaning your fence is a breeze. An uncomplicated task, we have provided a guide to help you:

The Cleaning Process

  1. Using a gardening hose saturate the entire fence with water.
  2. If you have a sprayer or pressure attachment use it to provide a more intense initial cleaning.
  3. Working in small sections it is best to start cleaning from the bottom to the top of the fence.
  4. The initial hosing will remove most of the dirt and grime but you may be left with a few stubborn areas that would require scrubbing.
  5. To scrub those more stubborn areas you want to fill a bucket with warm water, some dish liquid, and use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad.
  6. Once all the dirt and debris have been removed you want to rinse the fence again with the gardening hose.

Note: For more difficult stains on your fence a small amount of bleached mixed with water can be used. Before applying to the entirety of the fence test a small area with low visibility and make sure the original color does not get distorted.

How Often to Clean

To prolong the life span of your vinyl fence it is recommended to clean it at least once a year. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule will also help your fence to maintain that pristine look. If it has been a decade or more and general cleaning is not having a positive effect on the look of your fence than it may be time to call your fence installation service company and discuss a replacement. If you are ever unsure of anything do not hesitate to consult a fence installation expert.