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Common Fence Installation Mistakes

Posted on December 15th, 2013

Fence installation is a simple if not particularly easy procedure. It’s so simple that many people make mistakes that they otherwise wouldn’t have made if they’d done a bit of homework or had given the whole job to a fence contractor. Here are some common fence installation mistakes:

The Fence Isn’t Laid Out Well
It’s important that the area of the fence be laid out pretty precisely with the 3’ 4’ 5’ method. The builder shouldn’t just eyeball the space and start planting posts.

Using Untreated Lumber
Wooden posts need to be pretreated. If they’re not, they will rot and need to be replaced much sooner than they should have been.

Not Checking to See That the Posts Are Level
Fence posts need to be level and plumb. This not only makes the fence aesthetically pleasing but helps the fence remain stable. All it takes is a carpenter’s level and maybe a plumb bob.

Flimsy Gateposts
When it comes to fence installation, gateposts need to be a bit thicker and heavier than the other posts in a fence to support the weight of a gate.

Space Between Gateposts Isn’t Wide Enough
If the fence is surrounding a garden plot for instance, the gateposts need to be wide enough apart to accommodate wheel barrows and other equipment. Gateposts that open to a pasture or a barnyard will need to be even wider apart to accommodate livestock and heavy equipment like tractors.

Solid Fencing Around Gardens
Solid fence installation is good for some things, but the homeowner should be careful if he or she places it around orchards or gardens. A high solid fence might block out much needed sunlight.

Insecure Footings
Fence posts need to have solid footings to last a long time and be secure. Some of the best footings are made of concrete and gravel. A clever fence contractor might perform the trick of shaking in some concrete dust into the hole where the post and gravel have been placed and then adding water instead of mixing the concrete in a container first.

Using Barbed Wire
Barbed wire is ugly and can hurt both humans and livestock. It’s best to avoid it.

Ignoring A Slope
Fences installed on slopes can be pretty, but they need special consideration. The fence rails, for example, need to be racked on gentle slopes and may need to be stepped on steeper slopes. This might be a job best left to a fence contractor.

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