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Deer Fencing Solutions that Work

Posted on May 1st, 2019

Deer Fencing Pittsburgh

If deer have become unwelcome guests in your yard or garden, you may be considering installing a fence to keep these unwanted visitors from helping themselves to your plants, bushes, grasses, fruits, veggies, and anything else attracting them to your yard. The good news is that there are several effective and attractive fencing options that will keep deer from entering your property and grazing on its contents.

Lower Fencing Options

While deer can jump higher than 10 feet to clear a barrier, they will often resist jumping into a fenced area if they can’t see what’s on the inside. They fear predators may be lurking on the other side, ready to attack. There are a few effective lower fencing options that will stop deer from entering your yard:

  1. Tight Pickets: A 4-5 foot picket fence with closely placed pickets will hinder deer from being able to see through the spaces in the fence and into the other side. Without knowledge of what lies inside the fence, most deer will become fearful and look for food elsewhere.
  2. Planter Puzzle: A picket fence with spaces between the pickets will allow deer to see inside the yard, but with a multitude of planters and grasses arranged just inside the fence, the deer will become confused and unsure of the safety of jumping into the unknown.
  3. Double Up: Install a 3-4 foot picket fence and surround it with another 3-4 foot fence with just a few feet separating the two. Deer will be uncertain about making a jump into a narrow space, but you’ll still be able to mow, mulch, and plant in the space between.

Traditional Deer Fencing Options with Fence by Maintenance Service

Fence by Maintenance Services can install any of the fencing options mentioned above, but we also suggest considering the following types of fencing to keep deer at bay:

  1. Chain Link-This is the most popular type of fencing solution. We install residential chain link fences up to 12’ high. We also offer wire mesh in a number of different gauges and finishes in order to meet the needs and style of each client.
  2. Split Rail with Chain Link– A split rail wood fence is a beautiful addition to any property, but when coupled with chain link fencing, it also serves as a perfect solution for keeping deer and other pests out of the yard and garden. Our split rail fences are custom made and can be assembled with 2, 3, or 4 horizontal rails.
  3. Wood Fencing– Our professional fence installation team custom builds panels up to 6’ high with 1-3” of space between pickets. This option will add a beautiful, custom look to your property, while making it difficult and dangerous for deer to enter.

At Fence by Maintenance Service, we take pride in being the best, most reliable fence installation company in the Pittsburgh area. We take each job and each client seriously, making sure that the finished product meets or exceeds their standards and serves the intended purpose. If you have a problem with deer destroying your yard, give us a call! We’ll be happy to help you make the best fencing decision for your situation.