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Fence Maintenance Tips for Springtime

Posted on April 20th, 2015

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Over the winter, the fence around your property is expected to withstand many trials. From extreme temperature changes, to ice and snow, these elements all assist in making your fence need proper maintenance once warmer seasons commence. And since spring has now fully arrived, it is time for spring fence maintenance to begin in Pittsburgh. With this in mind, here are a few simple tips on how to properly maintain your fence this spring, from us at Fence Maintenance System.

Pruning Precaution

The areas around your fence have a great deal of an effect on the condition of your fence itself. By pruning excess foliage of wooded areas and tall grasses, you can help prevent your fence from being unnecessarily damaged. Trimming back these areas will also yield a clear view of your fence, so that you can more appropriately evaluate your fence for spring cleaning.

Fence Inspection

Before beginning any fence maintenance tasks this spring, be sure to properly inspect all areas of your fence. Look for any damaged boards or posts that may need replaced. Check for rust or chipping issues. Examine any fencing position shifts or debris-collecting areas for a source. Reviewing these few things on your fence before getting started on fence spring cleaning will provide you with an accurate list of what your fence needs.

Fence Cleanliness

Due to dirt, leaves and other outdoor debris, your fence occasionally needs a good cleaning. It is especially important for your fence to get washed, rinsed and wiped down at the start of warmer seasons to rid it of things like caked on salt from winter. Having a clean fence will help protect it against unwanted stains, build-up and warping.

Add Protective Sealants

Once your fence is first cleaned, adding a protective paint, staining, or sealant over your fence will help keep it in prime condition. Protective coatings help to prevent damage due to seasonal weather and other outdoor elements. Such sealants work to protect your fence by creating a tight seal. A fence that has a layer of sealant protecting it is a fence that is less likely to encounter rust and chipping.

Contact us at Fence by Maintenance Service today for more information on properly maintaining your fence. We will help ensure that your fence is safe and ready for the springtime season.