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Fence Quality – Why It is Important

Posted on July 12th, 2014

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The Importance of Your Fence Quality

The fence that surrounds your property has a multi-functional purpose: it serves as a “barrier” between your property and those surrounding it, and as a decorative piece that can add curb appeal. However, a fence is also a permanent structure, which is why the quality of the fence that you choose is importance both to the life of the fence and the appearance that it serves. Below are a few examples that factor in to why the quality of your fencing is so important:

  1. Building Codes – Pittsburgh and the surrounding area is divided into many different townships, each with their own building codes and regulations regarding fences. Since some regulations and codes are very specific about fence installation and which materials may or may not be used, it is important to first consult with your local township to ensure that you are in compliance.
  2. Maintenance – Certain fencing materials require more maintenance than others, and settling for “cheaper” materials may cost you more money in fence maintenance in the long run.
  3. Ability To Hold Up Under The Elements – Pittsburgh and the surrounding region is subject to rainstorms, snow, and extreme changes in temperature as the seasons change. A quality fence should be able to hold up to the elements and maintain its appearance in spite of them.
  4. Appearance – The better quality fencing material you use, the better the curb appeal. Whether you’re contemplating a wooden fence or a chain link one, it is best to discuss your options with your fencing installation company and decide on the best quality product that meets your budget.
  5. Longevity – Simply put, the better the fencing material, the longer your fence will hold up. While you may be looking to keep your costs low, it is better to invest in a better quality fencing material that will ensure its appearance and curb appeal for years to come.

The most important part of the fencing process is the installation. Choosing the right fencing installation company is important, as they will have the tools and the experience to ensure that your fence is installed properly, as well as a knowledge of building codes and will be able to give you advice on the best possible materials as well as maintenance.

Fence by Maintenance Service is a local family-owned and operated company that has been serving the fencing needs of Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township, Butler and the surrounding communities for over 50 years. A winner of Angie’s List Excellent Service Award for four consecutive years, Fence by Maintenance Service prides themselves on quality materials, professional installation service and a Two-Year Workmanship Warranty. For more information on fencing materials, installation, or maintenance, contact Fence by Maintenance Service today, where their expert professionals will be happy to answer any questions that you have.