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How Long Do Fences Last?

Posted on September 9th, 2020

Wooden Backyard Fence

Part of finding the perfect fence for your home is not only choosing the color and design but is also choosing the material that will suit your aesthetic and security requirements. The durability and lifespan of your fence are the two most important factors.

The climate of the area you live in, the style of your home, and the purpose your fence will serve all serve a major role in the type of material you need for your fence, it is best for you to understand how long the different materials will last to help you choose the top quality fencing for your needs.

Metal Fences

Metal is a sturdy material and is available in three different options including wrought iron, aluminum, and chain link. Chain-link is the most affordable option and lasts the longest but does offer a more industrial look. Wrought iron and aluminum can provide you with a more decorative look combining unique designs as well as strength. Ornamental application and fence accessories can also be added to these metal fence type for a stunning yet durable fence.

Keep in mind that wrought iron fencing will require a rust-resistant finish to be applied every few years to prevent it from corroding.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing, also called PVC fencing, has been steadily growing in popularity due to their durability and their low need for maintenance. Vinyl fencing only requires the occasional hosing off with water to keep it looking great. Vinyl is not offered in many colors, but it is available in a variety of styles such as privacy, split-rail, picket, and lattice.

Wood Fences

Common wood types used for wood fencing are cedar, pine, and spruce. The lifespan of your wood fence will depend on which type of wood you choose to use. Cedar will last from 15-30 years. Spruce lasts from 4-7 years and pine typically lasts from 5-12 years. If you choose to use treated wood, it can last even longer. Treated spruce and pine can last for 20 years and treat cedar can last up to 40 years.

Moisture is the biggest enemy of a wooden fence. If the wooden fence posts are touching the ground, the lifespan of the fence can be reduced by roughly three years. To prevent moisture from weakening the fence, the posts should be treated or stained. Concrete or a gravel filler should also be used in the post holes to protect the wood from moisture.
Wood is also a high maintenance material and will need regular staining every two years or painting every four years.

Which Type of Fence Will Last the Longest?

If you choose a chain-link fence that is galvanized, it won’t rust. All of the other fence components are made of steel which is also galvanized, eliminating the need for maintenance, making the chain-link fence a secure and long-lasting option.

You can also choose chain-link fences that come in a variety of vinyl-coated options that offer a custom look while still providing visibility.
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