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How Tall Should My Fence Be?

Posted on June 23rd, 2020

White Vinyl Fence

When installing a fence, there are a variety of factors you need to consider from the type of material you choose to where you want to put your fence. One major factor in your fence installation is determining how tall you want your fence to be.

The height of your fence will be determined by the style of your fence, the purpose your fence will serve, and your local regulations. Your taste and your needs will also play an important role in how high you decide to have the fence built.

Choosing the Right Style

The right fence for your property should do more than just blend in; it should enhance the look and curb appeal of your home. You may choose to add a stoic look to your home with a dark wooden fence or a more colonial look with a white vinyl picket fence.

The material of your fence and the color both play a role in designing your fence, but height is also important to the style. For example, a high wooden fence may seem more private, whereas the same wooden fence at a lower height may create a more inviting atmosphere. In general, higher fences are more imposing, and shorter fences present a more inviting, friendly style.

What is the Purpose of Your Fence?

If you are installing a fence, it is likely that you have a purpose in mind. You may want to protect your property from trespassers or protect your garden from rabbits, deer, and other animals. Fences can also serve to keep children and pets safe, add beauty to your proper or provide a definitive boundary to your land.

By clearly defining the purpose of your fence, you will have a better idea of how high to build the fence. Recommendations for fence height based on different purposes include:

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