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Best Affordable Fencing Options

Posted on March 5th, 2018

Affordable Fencing Pittsburgh

When you need to add a fence to the perimeter of your property, you may want to avoid sticker shock. The cost of a fence depends on two factors: the linear feet required and the type of fence. Often times, the size of the fence cannot be compromised. Leaving your only wiggle room in the area of the type of fence. The cost, quality, and appearance of the fence can vary greatly. Your needs are the other variables that will depend on your willingness to dig deeper into your wallet. Certain aspects of a fence can be weighted to fit your preference. For example, aesthetics, privacy, boundary marking, security, pest deterrence, and pet containment are common reasons people install fences on their property. Different fence types will specialize in any or all of these characteristics. Of course, some will cost you an arm and a leg. Fencing in Pittsburgh should also be a factor. The varied topography, wet springs, cold and snowy winters will pose problems to most fences. You can, however, get in and out of this project on the cheap, if you can overlook certain characteristics. The basic and most common fence options include:

The most inexpensive fence of those listed above would be the split rail. Charming and unassuming, the split rail fence is aesthetically solid yet lacks in privacy and security. It can be modified though to suit your needs. Adding inexpensive mesh will retain its look and provide containment for small to medium pets.

The chain link fence is another inexpensive option, though the bottom line can see unexpected increases following installation and other potential options that can be added. What they lack in privacy, is made up for with durability and low maintenance. Not the most beautiful containment, there are add-ons that can shore up this weakness. Some mesh can be wrapped in a green vinyl or slats can be inserted through the mesh to strengthen its privacy factor.

wooden privacy or picket fence is an option that can remain affordable and a wide range of options exist within this overall fence. The type, height, and thickness of the wood is a variable that will swing the cost high and low. Painted or stained will provide greater visual appeal and installation will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The fence that checks off all the boxes is the vinyl fence. Beautiful, durable, and low maintenance. However, this fence does not check off the “inexpensive” box, and that is what this article is about.

Whichever inexpensive fencing option you choose, just be sure it checks off the boxes that fulfill your need in the first place. And remember, when it comes to fencing, you do get what you pay for in the long run. You can also contact professionals, like Fence by Maintenance Service, to learn more about affordable fencing options Pittsburgh.