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Need A Fence Around Your Pool?

Posted on August 26th, 2016

Fencing Around your Pool

To keep up with various laws and ordinances regarding residential swimming pools, pool fences have evolved throughout recent years. With the emphasis on regulating and enforcing pool fence requirements throughout the various townships and counties throughout Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, many homeowners have found themselves confused as to which fencing option to choose for their pool area. Below are a few tips to consider:

Is your pool in-ground or above ground? If your pool is in-ground, then there are laws in place not only from the state, but from your local township, that regulate the fencing surrounding it, the type and height of which would be determined by your local township.

Is your pool a “temporary” one, such as a kiddie pool or inflatable one? It is important to understand that any structure, even a temporary one, that contains water can be considered a “pool,” and the homeowner can be held liable for incidents that take place even when the owner is not at home if there is no fence surrounding the property.

Is there already a fence around your property? Some townships will consider a property fence a permissible pool enclosure, provided that it meets the right guidelines.

The most important thing regarding a fence for your pool is this: you are responsible for the safety of others on your property, as well as liable. That is the first and foremost thing to consider when looking at a fence for your pool. Know your local township ordinances, and be sure to follow them. When choosing a fence builder, they should be aware of the local building codes as well as your individual fencing needs.

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