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Spring Fencing Repairs and Maintenance

Posted on March 23rd, 2015

Fence Maintenance

The snow is gone, and spring is swiftly on its way to fully springing into action. Yet, leftover fencing damage may begin to show as spring rain washes away the remnants of winter. Now is the time to put away those winter maintenance tools, and re-discover spring maintenance implements.

Not only is spring cleaning required inside, areas such as fence maintenance outside of your home also need attention. All fencing needs general fence maintenance, and eventually all fencing also needs repaired or replaced. After rough seasons such as this past winter, fencing can be made susceptible to damage. Yet, there are a few common fencing maintenance and repair steps that you can take to keep your fencing durable and safe, all year round.

-Replace Unsecured Posts

Over time, fence boards can become loose, sagging, or warped—leaving you with an insecure and unsafe fence. By repairing or replacing damaged sections of your fence it will ensure that the fencing is safe, sturdy and looking good season after season.

-Consider Concrete Stability

After a certain amount of time, the ground holding a fence in place will begin to loosen. Whether it is from cracked concrete or unpacked soil, your fence will not be stable until the base surrounding the ground is stable. This is one reason why fence posts are often secured into concrete—to provide for a stable base, and in so stable fencing as well.

-Invest in Power Washes and Staining

By keeping your fence clean from debris, you will alleviate excess build up, which can often soak up water moisture, leading to a weighed down fence that could warp or rust. After freeing your fence from debris, investing in a power wash will help to remove caked on dirt. If followed by a staining service, your fence will not only be debris free and clean, it will be sealed and protected.

-Investigate Causes of Damage

To prevent damage in the future, take note of what factors actually caused the current damage to your fence. For instance, was the damage due to the age of the fence itself, from an excess moisture problem, the presence of termites, loosened soil, et cetera…? By identifying and solving the damage causing problem you will be able to prevent further damage to your fence later. This will enable you to get the most out of your fencing, while also keeping it up to par throughout several seasons.

Anything from general fence maintenance to fence repair, or even replacement, our Fence Maintenance Service team is here for you. We will help you meet all of your fencing needs not only for spring, but also for the rest of the year.