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The Best Fencing for Bad Weather

Posted on August 1st, 2019

Fences for Bad Weather

Withstanding Wind

Though we rarely experience hurricane-force winds in the Pittsburgh area, we do get hit with some pretty heavy gusts from time to time. If your property is located in an area prone to heavy wind, consider these options if you want your fence to stay put:

Chain Link: The design of chain link fencing allows wind to blow through without much effort, therefore the sturdiness and strength of this fence is not compromised during heavy gusts.

PVC Vinyl: Strong winds won’t affect a quality PVC vinyl fence. This material can withstand strong winds if it is installed properly and its walls have the appropriate thickness.

Steel: Like chain link, a steel fence allows wind to blow through freely because its pickets are separated, preventing it from absorbing the force of high winds.

Maintaining Integrity in Rainy Seasons

For areas that experience a significant amount of precipitation, specifically in the form of rain, the best fencing choice is PVC vinyl. This material won’t rust, warp, or develop mold issues as a result of regular exposure to water. Quality vinyl fencing, like the fencing used by Fence by Maintenance Service’s team, will also have impact modifiers to strengthen the fence in the event of a forceful blow, titanium dioxide to prevent fading, and substantial wall thickness that supports and strengthens the entire fence.

Standing Firm in Freezing Temperatures

The freezing temperatures of Pittsburgh’s winters are yet another weather condition to consider when choosing a fence type. Several fencing materials are both aesthetically pleasing and tough enough to withstand the expansion and contraction of the ground as it freezes and thaws during the winter months.

Wood Fences with Metal Posts: If wood is the look you desire, installing a wood fence with metal posts is one way to extend the fence’s life and prevent water absorption and swelling in the posts, which serve as anchors for the entire fence.

Steel Fencing: A beautiful and resilient alternative to wrought-iron, steel fencing can stand up against and retain its form during any weather condition. Steel is not likely to absorb water and is rarely affected by the expansion and contraction of the ground during freezing temperatures.

Professional Fence Company in Pittsburgh

If you’re considering installing a fence on your Pittsburgh property, and you’re looking for a fence installation company near you, search no farther than Fence by Maintenance Service. Our expert team uses only the highest quality materials to install beautiful steel, aluminum, chain link, and PVC fencing, and we create custom wood fences that bring character and style to your yard. Call us today to get started!