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The Process of Professional Fence Installation

Posted on August 16th, 2021

Wooden Privacy Fence being installed

Now that you’ve chosen your fence installation company, you may be wondering what will happen next. At Fence by Maintenance Service, we’ve put together a guide on fence installation so you can better understand the process and what you can expect throughout the process.

Fence Estimate to Confirm Details

To begin, we will have an estimator from our team come to your property. They will measure the run of the intended fence using a long measuring tape or a wheel-type measuring device. Our estimator will also work with you to confirm elements such as the material, style, property line, and any easements that could affect the installation.

Get Your Fence Permit

Check with your local regulations to determine if you need to obtain a fence permit prior to installing your fence. If your city or municipality requires a permit, be sure to apply for the permit as early as possible, so the permitting process doesn’t delay the construction of your fence.

Fence Installation Timeline

Typically, your estimator will arrive quickly, whereas you may wait longer for the builders to arrive. Common wait times are anywhere from two to six weeks, but keep in mind this depends on the season, the company, the area, and other factors that can affect fence installation.

If you need your fence completed sooner, be sure to ask early in the sales process if the company is experiencing a backlog of jobs, if they have the materials on hand, and if you can expect slowdowns due to the season.

Utility Line Marking

Prior to your fence installation, we will call the local utility marking company to visit your property and mark your utility lines. This will help us avoid the utility line when digging during your fence installation.

Digging the Post Holes

Before the fence can be installed, we will arrange a time to dig the fence post holes. If you have soft soil, we can use a hand-held post-hole digger, but typically we will use a motorized auger-style post-hole digger to dig down below the frost line.

By digging below the frost line, we can prevent the posts and your fence from being pushed upward in extremely cold temperatures.

Setting the Posts in Concrete

When we are ready to install the posts, we place the posts in the holes until they are completely vertical. We will then pour concrete into the holes. We typically use a quick-set concrete that will harden within an hour or two. Depending on scheduling, we may let the posts set for a day or two or longer.

During the post-installation, don’t be worried if they look too high. We will cut the posts down to size later in the process.

Building the Fence

After your fence posts have been set in concrete, our crew will install the horizontal pieces of your fences, also called stringers, along with the vertical fencing materials, gates, and all other parts of your fence.
If you opt for a horizontal fence, we will not use stringers. For this type of fence, we will space the post holes closer, typically 6 feet apart rather than 8 feet, to allow the horizontal fence boards to be run post to post.

Cleaning up the Worksite

Once your fence installation is complete, our crew will clean up all debris and give you a chance to inspect your fence.

Ready to Install Your New Fence?

The experts at Fence by Maintenance Service can help! We offer a variety of fences comprised of top-quality materials that look great and provide you with long-lasting durability! Contact us today to learn more about our fence installation services!