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Tips on Tearing Down an Older Fence

Posted on February 25th, 2014

Tear it Down!

Sometimes, it is too late for fence maintenance, and you have to tear down and replace your existing fence, instead of trying to repair it. Unfortunately, this project is not as easy as just throwing on work gloves and grabbing a hammer. The good news is, however, with the proper preparation, you can complete the chore successfully. Use these tips from Fence Maintenance Service, a professional fence care company based out of Pittsburgh, PA, to tear down an older fence in a safe and effective manner.

Make Sure it’s Yours to Remove

Even if you remember the fence being there forever, you cannot really be sure who built it, and, unless you have the official land survey for your lot, it might actually be a part of your neighbor’s property. However, if it is dilapidated , beyond any kind of fence care plan, talk to you neighbor about removing it to build a new one on your property line. He might be relieved to see it go, as well as not have to do any of the home repair work himself. Take into consideration the removal of the material, as well. If you have an extremely old wooden fence, for example, put an ad in your local newspaper or online to see if others may want to reclaim the wood for other projects.

Ensure You Have the Proper Permits

Many home repair projects, both inside and outdoors, require permits. This varies by your location, due to different ordinances and building codes. Check with your local City Hall, before starting any type of fence care involving replacing existing structures. If you are living in a subdivision, many times you also have to seek permission from the Homeowner’s Association for certain landscaping projects. You do now want to start working, and find out you have to change your plans because of neighborhood rules and regulations.

Plan the Project From Start to Finish

With any home repair project, including fence care, its success depends upon a solid plan you can execute it in a timely manner. After ensuring you are within legal boundaries, call your local utility companies, before you attempt any digging or removal. This includes the local gas, electrical, cable television and phone service companies. Not only is digging close to lines a safety hazard, you could face a stiff fine if you cause any damage. When in doubt, consult a professional, like those at Fence Maintenance Service. They have been in business since 1957 and know all of the rules and regulations to getting any job done safely and effectively. This includes installation, fence care and other home repair projects to transform the exterior of your house to reflect your personality and design tastes.

Whether you plan to tear down an older fence yourself, or hire professional contractors to get the job done for you, consider a consultation for the type of fencing you are going to put up to replace it. Contact Fence Maintenance Service to learn about your choices in materials and styles to turn your outdoor spaces into a a true extension of your home.