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Your Fence Inspection Checklist for Spring

Posted on March 18th, 2015

Spring Fence Maintenance

Spring Checklist

The snow has subsided and spring is nearly here already. This means now is the perfect time to inspect what had been covered in snow and ice over the past few months–including aspects of your home such as fencing. Since fences can stand tall above inches of winter snow, fence maintenance is often overlooked until a serious, most likely preventable issue arises.

With this in mind, Fence by FMS is here to provide a friendly reminder and springtime checklist for all of your fence repair and fence maintenance needs. With proper fencing in place, you can begin your outside spring season with a safe start. The most common issues that weather yields to the fencing are within the structure and materials.

Inspect Post Structures

Ensure that the structures of fence posts are sturdy and secure. During extreme temperature fluctuations, ice, snow and the weight of other debris can affect the structural soundness of fence posts. Whether because of the fence material itself or due to the loose surrounding ground, if left these issues are unattended to fierce spring winds can send your fence tumbling over. At Fence by FMS, our valued team can work with various fencing materials for gate fencing to split rail, ornamental and another fencing. No matter what kind of fence you have, be sure that it is structurally sound.

Check for Deterioration

Around the base of fencing where insects, moisture and other weather factors fester, deterioration can occur. When deterioration of your fencing material happens, the fence itself is neither fully intact nor structurally sound as a result. This can lead to several material, structural, safety and other issues which could be preventable with the proper fence maintenance. From wood fences to PVC vinyl fencing, Fence by FMS will help you to maintain your fence to meet your needs.

Whether you need fence maintenance, repaired or replaced, Fence by FMS can help you with all of your spring fencing needs.