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Vinyl Fencing and How It Has Changed

The Difference in Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fence has been around for a long time and has long been a favorite option with customers for its durability, low maintenance and appearance. Vinyl fencing used to be a lot different than it is today. It used to be that vinyl fencing only came in a few different styles and colors. Fence maintenance was not really considered as an option that a fence service would be employed for. People either maintained their fence themselves or disposed of it once it became to worn down.

How Vinyl Fencing Has Changed

Today, however, the story is much different. Vinyl fence has evolved over the years to the point where now there are a myriad of options, varieties, styles and colors to choose from. Now vinyl fencing comes in tan, sandstone, pearl, khaki and several woodgrain patters. Vinyl used to have an issue of turning yellowish after awhile, but not it is much more resilient to many kinds of weather.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl fence is especially favored for its low maintenance factor. Whereas with different types of wood fencing you will have to stain and treat the wood from time to time, vinyl fence never needs to be stained. Fence maintenance is a relatively low priority as the fence is so durable on its own that little effort is required on the behalf of the owner.

Vinyl Fence Cleaning Requirements

While vinyl fencing is durable, there still are a small number of maintenance requirements that are needed from time to time. When fence maintenance service is needed, The Fence Maintenance Service are among the top fence maintenance professionals in Pittsburg, PA.

While vinyl fencing may not need staining, from time to time the fence does need to be cleaned as the vinyl can become a magnet for various sorts of dirt and debris. A professional fence service such as The Fence Maintenance Service can perform cleanings in an efficient an affordable manner.

Fence service may also be required when events do occasionally occur that jeopardize or harm your existing fencing. Horses or livestock may get too close to the fence, extreme weather may beat down, and a multitude of other events can occur. Vinyl fencing can last longer than other types of fencing in many ways, it is not completely resistant to all possible outcomes.

By considering these factors you can better decide if a vinyl fence is the right option for you. For more information contact a quality fence service today.

Tips on Tearing Down an Older Fence

Tear it Down!

Sometimes, it is too late for fence maintenance, and you have to tear down and replace your existing fence, instead of trying to repair it. Unfortunately, this project is not as easy as just throwing on work gloves and grabbing a hammer. The good news is, however, with the proper preparation, you can complete the chore successfully. Use these tips from Fence Maintenance Service, a professional fence care company based out of Pittsburgh, PA, to tear down an older fence in a safe and effective manner.

Make Sure it’s Yours to Remove

Even if you remember the fence being there forever, you cannot really be sure who built it, and, unless you have the official land survey for your lot, it might actually be a part of your neighbor’s property. However, if it is dilapidated , beyond any kind of fence care plan, talk to you neighbor about removing it to build a new one on your property line. He might be relieved to see it go, as well as not have to do any of the home repair work himself. Take into consideration the removal of the material, as well. If you have an extremely old wooden fence, for example, put an ad in your local newspaper or online to see if others may want to reclaim the wood for other projects.

Ensure You Have the Proper Permits

Many home repair projects, both inside and outdoors, require permits. This varies by your location, due to different ordinances and building codes. Check with your local City Hall, before starting any type of fence care involving replacing existing structures. If you are living in a subdivision, many times you also have to seek permission from the Homeowner’s Association for certain landscaping projects. You do now want to start working, and find out you have to change your plans because of neighborhood rules and regulations.

Plan the Project From Start to Finish

With any home repair project, including fence care, its success depends upon a solid plan you can execute it in a timely manner. After ensuring you are within legal boundaries, call your local utility companies, before you attempt any digging or removal. This includes the local gas, electrical, cable television and phone service companies. Not only is digging close to lines a safety hazard, you could face a stiff fine if you cause any damage. When in doubt, consult a professional, like those at Fence Maintenance Service. They have been in business since 1957 and know all of the rules and regulations to getting any job done safely and effectively. This includes installation, fence care and other home repair projects to transform the exterior of your house to reflect your personality and design tastes.

Whether you plan to tear down an older fence yourself, or hire professional contractors to get the job done for you, consider a consultation for the type of fencing you are going to put up to replace it. Contact Fence Maintenance Service to learn about your choices in materials and styles to turn your outdoor spaces into a a true extension of your home.

Choosing The Right Fence For Your Home

If you take a drive through any moderately-sized town or suburb, you are likely to encounter many different types of fences. In fact, the multitude and variety of fence styles and materials available can be a little overwhelming. The best way to navigate the challenge of selecting the right type of fence is to focus on your specific needs and tastes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of fences on the market today.

Wood Fence
This is one of the most basic options available. The typical wood fence panel is made of pine or cedar and is 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The fact that it is tall and opaque makes the wood fence good for privacy. Another benefit is that this option is fairly cost-efficient. One disadvantage of this type of fence is that it is rather nondescript, but it is simple to decorate with paint. Another potential problem is that the wood can decay over time. Purchasing a fence with pressure treated wood can help with this problem, but it will not prevent it entirely.

Vinyl Fence
This is a nice, low-maintenance option. Like its wooden counterpart, a vinyl fence panel is usually around 6 feet tall. However, this type of fence is not subject to the decay and mold that wood is. Furthermore, these fences can usually be quite decorative. They come in light colors and are often topped with a lattice design. One shortcoming is that the light color of the fence makes it susceptible to stains from dirt or mud and will require washing. This is particularly problematic in locations with reddish-colored dirt. The vinyl option is also more costly than wood.

Ornamental Fence
This type of fence is generally made of dark-colored steel or aluminum and can come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Ornamental fence panels are usually designed with thin metal pickets that allow for visibility and add a touch of elegance to your landscaping and lawn. Another benefit of the most popular ornamental fence styles is their durability. The steel in such fences is galvanized and the aluminum is coated in order to prevent the accumulation of rust. The most significant disadvantage of this fence option is that it tends to be more expensive than the wood or vinyl alternatives.

Chain Link Fence
This option is both economical and functional. The typical chain link fence is composed of a steel fabric with a mesh pattern attached to steel fence posts. The steel is usually galvanized to prevent corrosion. Steel fence fabric is generally sold in sheets that are 50 feet long. The height of the fabric can be anywhere from 3 feet to 12 feet high, which allows you to select according to how much protection you would like your fence to afford. Although the basic metallic color is probably the most commonly seen, chain link fence fabric can also be found in black or green. Beyond this slight variety in color however, this style of fence is more utilitarian than decorative. Another potentially negative aspect of this kind of fence is that the chain link provides a visibility that is not conducive to privacy.

Although the decision about what kind of fence to purchase depends on individual requirements and preference, I recommend a vinyl fence. I feel that it is decorative enough to complement a home or garden while still promoting privacy. No matter which style you choose, selecting and installing your new fence can be a fun experience for the whole family.

Common Fence Installation Mistakes

Fence installation is a simple if not particularly easy procedure. It’s so simple that many people make mistakes that they otherwise wouldn’t have made if they’d done a bit of homework or had given the whole job to a fence contractor. Here are some common fence installation mistakes:

The Fence Isn’t Laid Out Well
It’s important that the area of the fence be laid out pretty precisely with the 3’ 4’ 5’ method. The builder shouldn’t just eyeball the space and start planting posts.

Using Untreated Lumber
Wooden posts need to be pretreated. If they’re not, they will rot and need to be replaced much sooner than they should have been.

Not Checking to See That the Posts Are Level
Fence posts need to be level and plumb. This not only makes the fence aesthetically pleasing but helps the fence remain stable. All it takes is a carpenter’s level and maybe a plumb bob.

Flimsy Gateposts
When it comes to fence installation, gateposts need to be a bit thicker and heavier than the other posts in a fence to support the weight of a gate.

Space Between Gateposts Isn’t Wide Enough
If the fence is surrounding a garden plot for instance, the gateposts need to be wide enough apart to accommodate wheel barrows and other equipment. Gateposts that open to a pasture or a barnyard will need to be even wider apart to accommodate livestock and heavy equipment like tractors.

Solid Fencing Around Gardens
Solid fence installation is good for some things, but the homeowner should be careful if he or she places it around orchards or gardens. A high solid fence might block out much needed sunlight.

Insecure Footings
Fence posts need to have solid footings to last a long time and be secure. Some of the best footings are made of concrete and gravel. A clever fence contractor might perform the trick of shaking in some concrete dust into the hole where the post and gravel have been placed and then adding water instead of mixing the concrete in a container first.

Using Barbed Wire
Barbed wire is ugly and can hurt both humans and livestock. It’s best to avoid it.

Ignoring A Slope
Fences installed on slopes can be pretty, but they need special consideration. The fence rails, for example, need to be racked on gentle slopes and may need to be stepped on steeper slopes. This might be a job best left to a fence contractor.

Speaking of fence contractors, Fence By Maintenance is the premiere fence contractor in Pittsburgh and has years of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining every sort of fence. Home and business owners in the Pittsburgh area should contact them if they need a fence installed on their property that’s strong, sturdy and attractive.

Installing a Fence on Hilly Terrain

In a hilly area like Pittsburgh, fences can be difficult to install. When the elevation rises and dips in various areas with no clear rhythm, it can be quite hard to install a fence in a normal manner. The grade issues might not even be apparent with the naked eye, but can be seen with a level string posted across the yard. Fence by Maintenance has a few suggestions and methods for fence installation in residential backyards with grade issues.

The installation depends on the homeowner’s preference and the ability of the fencing contractor. If the homeowner wants a level top to the fence, the bottom will have random gaps between the bottom of the fencing and the ground. Another method involves making the fence level with the ground uniformly so there are no gaps, but the top of the fence will not be level. Many backyards have such sharp grade changes that the fencing contractor has to be extremely skilled.

Three Fence Installation Methods

When using this method, the fence is dropped down in areas where there are valleys and are stepped up when the ground rises. This is useful for very hilly backyards where the grade has frequent, prominent changes.

A fence installed with the racking method allows no gaps between the ground and the fence, but the top will not be uniform. This method follows the terrain of the backyard’s peaks and valleys.

Fences installed with a straight method make no allowances for the terrain. Larger posts are used to keep the top of the fence straight and true through the entire yard no matter what the grade. This method almost always has large gaps between the lower fence and the ground.


Aluminum and PVC fences are rackable and can be used to adapt to any change in the grade of the backyard. They allow the fence to be flush with the ground through various terrain changes. Wood fences can be used for any of the methods above, but the wood has to be cut to adhere to the exact measurements of the grade changes. This means that the installation has to proceed post by post with the material in between cut to fit the exact measurements.

The fence installation method used for the backyard depends on the grade and variations in the terrain. Fence by Maintenance is an experienced fencing contractor that is familiar with the hilly areas around Pittsburgh and is willing to answer any questions to guide a homeowner through the confusing process of picking the right fence for their yard.

Aluminum Vs Wrought Iron Fencing

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing – The Durable Alternative to Wrought Iron

Ready to improve the look and safety of your Wexford or Pittsburgh home by having fencing installed? The right fence can make your home a showcase, and one of the most beautiful styles of fencing has traditionally been wrought iron. However, wrought iron fencing is expensive and requires maintenance to keep it from rusting. An aluminum fence, on the other hand, can look exactly like wrought iron while offering the added benefits of easy fence installation, resistance to weather and chemicals and lifetime warranties.Many Fence Styles Available

Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of different heights and styles, and these attributes are some of the reasons they are the first choice for both home and business owners. It’s the perfect choice when ornamental fencing is what you are after.

Using aluminum fencing to decorate a property or set off a certain area makes financial sense. This is particularly true if you want to keep a certain area “off-limits” without installing a foreboding chain link fence or a wood fence that blocks views and can cut up the look of attractive and well designed landscaping.

One of the reasons an aluminum fence is less expensive than a wrought iron one is because it is much lighter. It costs less to ship and makes for an easier fence installation.

Just because it’s lighter, though, does not mean it is not strong enough to do the job. There are different grades of aluminum fencing with a variety of post sizes and thicknesses available. If you are looking for a beautiful and cost efficient security fence in the Pittsburgh or Wexford area, you simply can’t go wrong by installing aluminum fencing.

Where Are Fences Usually Installed?

Some of the most popular places to install aluminum fencing include:

  • Around swimming pools
  • On top of retaining walls
  • Encircling playgrounds
  • Along walkways

You can choose from different colors to match the existing home or building. You can also choose an aluminum fence with or without finials, which are the ornamental devices that are commonly placed atop each picket.

Added Advantages Of Aluminum Fencing

Besides weight and price, aluminum fencing has even more advantages including:

  • Can be installed on hilly terrain
  • Is not affected by soil chemistry
  • Does not need sanding or painting

Aluminum fencing comes in assembled fence panels. This makes it quick and easy to install.

Choosing The Right Fence

Now that you know a quality aluminum fence is right for you, how do you decide on what style is best? Choose a style that will complement your home and property. For instance, if your home has a modern architectural style, choosing a modern fence design makes sense. If your home or office building has a more classic colonial or cape look, choose a fence that has a more historical look.

Fence By Maintenance Service

Fence By Maintenance Service has been a family owned business since 1957. We are proud of our reputation, and we have thousands of satisfied customers. We can work with you to help you choose the perfect fence for your property. We offer quick and affordable fence installation and can answer any questions you may have. Whether you live in Pittsburgh, Wexford or the surrounding areas, we want to be your number one choice when it comes to quality fence installation.

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fencing – A Durable Alternative to Wood


In the past, if someone wanted a fence around their property in Pittsburgh and Wexford, they would buy the lumber and have a party with the neighbors to build it. This type of fence lasted a few years. A wooden fence looks nice and will do the job necessary, but they do have drawbacks. Wooden fences are more expensive today because of the cost of lumber. If you paint a wooden fence, you will have to repaint it over and over. This process takes a lot of time and energy. Consequently, vinyl fencing has become more popular in Wexford and Pittsburgh with each passing year. Below are some of many benefits of vinyl fences.• Vinyl fencing today is cheaper than wood fencing. Several people go to the hardware store to buy wooden fencing supplies and find that they can get a cheaper price with vinyl fencing. Years ago, people would have never considered vinyl fencing because the cost of a vinyl fence installation was more expensive. All of this has changed with the rising costs of wood and iron. Because there is hardly any maintenance involved with a vinyl fence installation, you will be saving money that might have been spent maintaining a wooden or iron fence. You will save money on the cost of repainting and primer as well as any other treatments that would need to be performed to keep the wood free of rot and termites.• Some people prefer a vinyl fence installation because the labor that goes into it is much less than any other type of fence. Some vinyl fences are pre-assembled when you buy them. Basically, putting the fence together consists of fitting pieces the pieces together. This makes the job of fence installation a very manageable one.

• Some choose the vinyl fence because it never needs repainting, and it will never rot. Instead, you choose the texture and color that suits you best, buy it, install it and you have your brand new vinyl fence up and functioning around your home or property. The beauty of vinyl is that it is resistant to the elements, so you never have to worry about it bowing, fading or anything else of this nature. Vinyl is an all-around good option for fencing.

• Today, many people choose to use vinyl for a perimeter fence around their homes, swimming pools, gardens, around their horses and much more. With vinyl, there is no limitation with how the fence can be used. There are several variations of vinyl fences, so you can have your choice of many. Be sure you research the different options with vinyl fencing so that your specific fencing needs are met.

Whether your life is busy or not, having a vinyl fence that is maintenance-free might be something you want to consider. It is one of the most practical types of fences used today.

Five Advantages of a Privacy Fence

Are you looking for a reason to install a vinyl privacy fence? If so, we’ve got five great reasons to do so. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you will gain from obtaining services from a fence contractor.

1. Protection

Do you have young children and/or animals? If so, you know how worrisome it can be trying to make sure they always stay in the yard. With a fence installation, however, your stress can be reduced. Not only will it help to keep your children and animals in the yard, but it will also help to keep intruders and other people’s animals out. When it comes to making sure your property is out of sight of those passing by, a vinyl privacy fence is what you need.

2. Boundary Separator

Looking for a way to visibly see the boundary lines between you and your neighbors’ yards? If so, you need fence installation services from an experienced fence contractor. Once the fence is up, you will have clearly defined lines separating your property from those living around you.

3. Shelter

If you prefer for your garden and landscaping to stay out of the wind, you will definitely benefit from a vinyl privacy fence. Furthermore, if you want your fence to provide some type of shading, simply tell your fence contractor this so that he or she can properly place your fence.

4. Variety of Options

When it comes to fence installation, talk with your fence contractor about the many colors and materials that can be used. Remember, a vinyl privacy fence provides many benefits, but if you prefer, you can go with other materials, including wood or metal. The best type of fence for you to use will be determined by your preferences and your budget. If you happen to be a person concerned with how your fence will affect the environment, rest assured there are fences made of sustainable materials that you can have installed.

5. Easy Maintenance

When you have a contractor carry out fence installation, you can take comfort in knowing your fence will last for a very long time. The exact length of time that your fence will last for depends on the type of material used, the weather conditions that you live in and how well you take care of the fence. When it comes to vinyl, all you have to do is wash the fence down once or twice a year, followed then by replacing any fasteners in the spots where the fence becomes loose; however, no fasteners should need replacing during the first few years after you first have it installed.

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