What is the Purpose of Guard Rails?

The main purpose of a guard rail, also known as a guide rail, is to provide a safety barrier for motorists who have left the roadway. Guardrails can serve a variety of purposes for keeping motorists safe. A guard rail can help to deflect a vehicle back to the roadway or slow down the vehicle to a complete stop. It can also, in some cases, help to slow down the vehicle and allow the vehicle to process past the guard rail.

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Can Fences be Installed During the Winter? 

Winter fence installation in Pittsburgh? Yup – we do that!

It’s not uncommon for many home and business owners to put off fence installation until the early spring. After all, that’s when landscaping, hardscaping and planting typically recommences. However, many don’t realize if the ground isn’t frozen, Fence by Maintenance Service, Inc. can install your fence any time of the year – including the winter. Continue reading “Can Fences be Installed During the Winter? “

Maintaining Your Fence this Summer

Late spring or early summer is a great time to investigate the status of your fence. Everything is growing, your yard is full of greenery, flowering plants, and new foliage, but if you’re not paying attention, your Pittsburgh fence could actually be deteriorating in the midst of all the beauty. To prevent the need for serious repairs to your wood, chain link, or vinyl fence, take the time to complete these simple preventative measures: Continue reading “Maintaining Your Fence this Summer”

Deer Fencing Solutions that Work

If deer have become unwelcome guests in your yard or garden, you may be considering installing a fence to keep these unwanted visitors from helping themselves to your plants, bushes, grasses, fruits, veggies, and anything else attracting them to your yard. The good news is that there are several effective and attractive fencing options that will keep deer from entering your property and grazing on its contents. Continue reading “Deer Fencing Solutions that Work”

Simple Tips for a Personalized Fence

As spring arrives and summer approaches, you may have started to notice that your wood fence needs some sprucing up. Whether it is simply showing wear or it no longer compliments the color scheme of your home due to updates, there are several easy improvements you can make to personalize your fence and, in turn, brighten your entire property. Continue reading “Simple Tips for a Personalized Fence”

Plan Your Fence Installation Before Spring Arrives

Why Planning Now is Important

Though it may not quite feel like spring, warmer weather is just around the corner, and in the Pittsburgh area, that means we are all spending much more time outside than we did all winter. It also means you need to be sure that your yard and outdoor entertaining areas are inviting, safe, and secure for family, friends, and pets. If you are considering a new or replacement fence on your property, now is the time to begin the process. Spring and summer are the busiest time for Fence by Maintenance Service, and waiting any longer to start planning a fence installation may mean that you miss out on enjoying your yard for part of Pittsburgh’s glorious spring and summer seasons. Continue reading “Plan Your Fence Installation Before Spring Arrives”

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